Enough {Coffee for Your Heart}

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Hello, you. A new year has dawned, and as Anne (with an ‘E’) once said about tomorrow, it is “always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” That’s all well and good, yes, but you’ve been thinking lately about the mistakes that have scarred your yesterdays, your today … and you can’t help but wonder how you’ll screw up this brand-new, just-opened box of 364 tomorrows. You’ve already marred some of the contents. Every year, you make promises - to God, to others, to yourself - about how much better you’re gonna be this year; how much harder you’ll try. You say you’ll eat better, exercise more, make more time for prayer and Scripture … and before even a minute of the new year is gone, you feel like a failure. You’d probably don’t want to admit it, but it’s true. You feel like you’re not good enough, content enough, healthy enough, smart enough, pretty enough, ________ (you fill in the blank) enough, brave enough, organized enough … enough … to make this year what you feel it needs to be. If this isn’t you, please, tell us your secret! But I have the feeling that there is something inside each of us that whispers, “not enough.”
I wish I could get inside of you and strangle that voice give that voice a talking to. Because it’s dead wrong. Sure, we’re not enough. We never will be. There is always a nugget of truth in the best lie. What that voice forgets to tell you is this: you and I don’t have to be enough. There. I said it! You and I do not have to be enough, because He. Is. Enough. For. Us. We do not have to earn His grace by trying to climb this impossibly high mountain called “Sufficient,” because He already climbed it. And He climbed it while carrying a cross. He paid the debt we could never afford. He suffered the pain we could never endure. He lived the life we could never attain to - blameless in every way. All to offer us this crazy thing called grace. And it is enough. It is sufficient. And it means we don’t have to be. He died the most painful, humiliating death, because He knew we would never be able to be enough on our own.

So the next time that voice tries to tell you you’re not enough, you tell it, “I don’t need to be. He is.” And then you just leave that stupid voice alone. You do not need those lies. Go instead to the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). Tell Him that you know you aren't enough, and then ask Him to be enough for you. We can’t do a single thing that’s worth anything in this life on our own, but praise be to God … we are never on our own.

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