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The God Who Sees Me {original lyrics}

I reached towards heaven
To cover Your eyes
Ever since I was seen
I've wanted to hide

And ever since I hid
I've wished they would see
-- Beggars, saints and scholars --
And deem me worthy

Camouflaged, I lay there
Begging for notice
In shame, doubt and fear
To be seen like this

To be caught in my sin
Exposed as myself
Naked broken poser
No doll on a shelf

Look away, look away
Away from me, Lord
Yet You don't shift Your gaze
You don't say a word

I realize it was You -
That it was Your sight
That I tried to remove
Yet craved morn and night

Put my roots in darkness
Ran rather than fight
As if this was progress
I was made for the light

Look away, look away
Away from me, Lord
Yet You don't shift Your gaze
You don't say a word

I dare look up again
You're somehow nearer
Your love won't look away
It's ne'er been clearer

Where are my accusers?
Where are my idols?
All of them were scattered
And here I stand, whole

They didn't create me
It wasn't th…

when the muse strikes {an original poem}

When the muse strikes
May these hands of mine
Ne'er be found idle
Nor waiting for lightning

When a song moves my soul
May I not let it slip
Moving on to another
Who might treasure it

When my heart gives a stammer
As if catching its breath
May I still myself enough
To explore the cause

May I embrace confusion
Until it becomes clarity
May I never neglect the wonder
Never forget its origin

May I always pause when
The light invades my skin
May I always exhale
Then begin once again

May the wind of change
No longer be my enemy
But rather, a strange partner
In a brand new dance

May I sink beneath the waves
Only to emerge again, new
May the broken and tainted
Become a stained glass window

May I let the light shine through it

Return to First Position

I have always been the one to hold back.

I've been scared.

I've seldom thought myself good enough.

I haven't had the nerve to commit.

I am the girl that suffered intense joint pain through most of my childhood.

I have often wondered what my body was even capable of.

I doubted it was anything significant.

I didn't take advanced math in high school, because I never thought I would amount to anything that would require a degree.

I didn't touch a guitar for years, because I thought my fingers incapable of applying so much concentrated pressure.

I have balked in the face of auditions & applications.

I have looked at a person & deemed them above me.

I've pruned my expectations time & time again; cut down my dreams until they looked realistic & acceptable.

I have given up when I should have kept on fighting.

It turns out, a lot of things are closer to my grasp than I first thought.

I have discovered that things that are even quite literally out of my …