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Who Stays {an original poem}

I imagined him a thousand times
And every single time, he walked away
Saw it coming; never even cried
Experience said love could never stay

They couldn’t convince me otherwise
Oh, how I wanted to believe their song
But each time someone leaves, something dies
And they were the ones that proved themselves wrong

“I told you so … goodbye.”

Their words grew stale, then dissipated
‘Til the rare response that hurt more than silence
Cut deeper than anticipated
“Was,” “knew,” “had” – the bitter sting of past-tense

“Love” becomes “once loved,” “stay” becomes “long gone”
I lose all childlike faith in forever
Along with the instinct to hold on
“Wake up, heart! Wake up, wake up – whatever

What help were you anyway?”

I decided that I was worthless
And then You came for me, Lord – You sought me out
You chose me when I was still heartless
Your wild love opposing each fear and doubt

“I don’t want You!” I screamed night and day
Even running after all You hated
Then waited for You to walk away
In hot anguish, I waited … and wa…