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I'm Back! (some quick updates, & some musings on strength & weakness)

Well, I didn't actually go anywhere. I seldom go anywhere.

I'm back on a laptop of my own, & I dare suspect you'll be hearing from me a little more consistently.

It's not like my life is getting any less crazy, but having a device that I can type prettily on (& speedily on) in my own space, at any time, denotes consistency.

So, YAY! - you get to hear from me more.

& to whomever it is applicable, I'm so sorry.

This post is a little more of an update than my usual almost-prose.

It's a year of many transitions for me - which is normal for my age, I suppose - so I can guarantee that there will be more update-y posts in the future. Bear with me as I go through this journey, okay?

For starters, you may have already heard, or have seen the pretty link at the bottom of my blog page, but some dear people & I have started a collaborative Etsy shop: Son of Uri Studios. I am the token sketch artist, & you can find my section, Designs by Lyd, here.

This …

Singing My Song

I don't know where to begin today, or where to go ...

I only know that these fingers must click along a keyboard again, & in a way, I must sing my song.

I think about those words now ... singing my own song.

Once upon a time, that meant something different for me; it meant an actual song.

I'm actually in a season right now where I am coming to grips with the fact that I'm maybe actually more of a poet than a songwriter, & maybe just maybe I should accept that, & live like that.

I'm not talking about a song I wrote, or "my jam."

The idea of my song is so much more than that. It's the idea that there are words that I need to remember always. Words that dear friends sing over me, & that my Lord has sung over me from the start.

Today, I really need to hear my song.

I need Truth sung over me. I need to remember what I always forget. I need to feel the closeness of someone holding my hand & knowing my hurt, & pouring hope into my dark pl…