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World Down Syndrome Day

Today, we wear our most ridiculous socks, in honor of the most ridiculously wonderful humans. It's World Down Syndrome Day. I feel weepy as I think this through. I love that I get to do this one small, wild thing to bring awareness to something that has such a huge hold on my heart.

If I'm honest, I do this in support of one boy in particular. His name is Michael, & he has more love in his teeny body than anyone I've ever met. He's done more for me than I could ever do for him. He reflects Jesus a lot that way.

He gave me my dream.

I looked at him, & I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

He & I, we both know the sound of voices telling us what we can't do; what we probably will never be able to do. My voices are mostly in my own head, though.

I never saw myself overcoming the hurdles set before me.

I never saw myself being healed from Lyme disease. He gave me hope, even while I still battled it. His story was one of my first glimpses of God's he…

Catching Up

I have been silent for far too long, & this is mostly due to my distaste for blogging from my phone.

I'll explain.

Old Bessie, my laptop, is on her last leg. She's overheating every time I turn her on (an action that now takes 15+ minutes). Her webpages aren't loading. She's whirring & whining, & it makes my heart hurt just to look at her.

So, yes, technically, I could blog from my phone, but I really prefer writing on computers, because I am a perfectionist, & I like to know that the format I write this in is the format it stays in. OCD, I know.

So here I am, putting off the inevitable laptop purchase, & typing on a borrowed computer in my fringe hours.

Forgive me, friend.

Last time we talked, I was doing some big-time processing, & -- I'm sure you could tell -- sorely in need of balance.

I've come a long way.

Nothing is wasted in the Kingdom of God. I love that. He took that burdened girl who was mourning the loss of her free spirit, &a…