"Unspun" {an original poem}

(written August 19th, 2014)

Speak to me
I cannot breathe
Without Your Truth
Or Your mercy

I am undone

I'm breathless
In the face
Of my King

God, increase
Make less of me
Spend this frail life
For Your glory

It's worth it
Worth all the pain
Worth every tear
And each heartbreak

Grace mingled
With faith and love
Pours over me
And into me

By Your blood
Your sacrifice
You spent Your life
To save my soul

Mind is blown
Heart rent in two
My every breath
Sheer gift from You

I pull away
Cannot accept
Yet You pursue

Your kindness
And Your great Love
They bring me back
And fill my cup

No longer
Am I empty
My self traded
For Your glory

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