Hey you.

So for once, I was involuntarily quiet on here. It took an unbelievably long time to get wifi at our new house. And even longer for me to get a place to plug in my laptop. Old Bessie (the laptop) had trouble waking up after such a long sleep. I can relate. She's back to her quirky self, though. And I'm back to mine (did I ever stop?).

I just got a glimpse of the kind of adult I'm most likely going to end up being: the kind that goes to bed after dinner and lovvvvves it. I kid you not, I was in bed before 7pm. And awake before 5am. I feel so rested & so ready. A perfect day to write, am I right? (half-hearted pun intended. I get worse, the more awake I am. My apologies to those who could hardly handle exhausted me.)

So, yes. I've moved. To my Haven in the middle of a bustling city. My room is bright, & my corner windows are surrounded by very green leaves from the trees that feed my soul.

I live close to people that are dear to me. Close enough for true spontaneity - "I'm kidnapping you in two minutes" spontaneity. I'm a fan.

It feels like home.

There's a clearing where I can take quiet prayer walks, & pace problems out.

I just set up a bookshelf, so old friends line the shelves beckoningly.

My cherished mugs are in an aesthetic row on my windowsill. My diffuser pumps the room with fresh, healing scents.

My floor is a calming shade of hardwood. My walls are creamy white.

I have already hung up artwork.

Sweater weather is imminent, & I am prepared.

This place is such a good home to my soul.

But my responsibilities are shifting, expanding ... Another reason for my silence. I have to get used to this. My schedule is changing, & I'm having to watch my yeses & noes more carefully than ever. (Did you know that "noes" was the plural of "no"? I read that somewhere this week, & it's revolutionary.) I have so much more freedom for yeses in many ways, but with that freedom comes caution. I have to make sure I am not 1) neglecting my family or my responsibilities or 2) overexerting myself. It's hard for me to learn that not every need is my calling. And nor is every want.

& that's where I'm going to leave you today. No huge breakthrough. Just food for thought. It's where I am.

The Transplanted Moi

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