(photo by Tara Gourley)

Contentment could be called the never-reached goal of every human being. Well, everyone that knows contentment is at least more realistic of an ideal than constant happiness, however lovely that might sound. Content is what I feel now … and I wish I felt it more often. By the time this post is posted, I'll be headed home, and neither the thought of staying for now or the thought of leaving then are bringing pain or dread. I will leave, knowing that I have made many new friends, but also that I will keep in touch and not immediately lose them. Their numbers will be a light burden in my pocket. I will leave, knowing that waiting for me are new challenges, but also new delights. New milestones, but also new little moments that the world will not soon recall. So much changes, but some things never change, and I am content. Can you believe it? Me, who used to slip into a panic attack at the very mention of change, sitting at a table in a near-empty cafe, with a laptop battery also near-empty … content. This could be a long post, a short one, or something in between, and really, I'm okay with anything. In this moment, I am aware of the fact that God is in His heaven, “all's right with the world.” So excuse me if contentment brings no painfully relevant moral … I think it's a simpler notion than that. I dare you to try and find out what that looks like in your life.

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