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So I find myself here, of all places: standing on a figurative cliff, braced to jump recklessly into the heart of the blogosphere … and I dare hope I may someday find my way into the hearts of some dear readers, also. What a feeling, though; I'm scared stiff. I sit here wondering what you all will think of me. Here before me is the opportunity to make my mark, in whatever way I see fit. I could be anybody I want to be! I could make myself out to be brave, sensitive, stunning, the godliest of the godly, and someone who totally has their life together. What I want to be, however, is real. I'm not brave, by any means. To put it simply, I am nobody special. I have failed and flopped in more ways than I can count, but … I am wildly and hopelessly in love with a God Who thinks I'm worth it. Isn't that astounding? The King of kings and Lord of lords, He wanted me. I'm not saying that He chose me above everyone else, no. He chose each and every one of us as sons and daughters, but … I have come to know in my bone, marrow, and very soul that if I had been the only person on the planet, still this screwed up, no less, He would have still died. To save me. And you see, knowing this truth; knowing how deep His love is for every child of Eden … how could I hold it in? I could almost burst with this impossible joy! I want to shout it from the rooftops, but the fact is this, I have a very inconvenient rooftop. No matter how loud I shouted from it, few people would hear or even see me. So I shout across screens, this joyous news: He chose us!
Before you make the decision whether to close this tab and forget this baby blog or maybe stick with me for awhile, I should probably tell you what exactly this blog is about. Give me grace, because, I'm a random person, and I might slip out of the boundaries I've set for myself once in awhile … I do things like that. First, I must say that this blog will be written mostly to reach out and encourage Christian women. I do not say this to ward of any men, or any of different beliefs, or even any youth! I dare not limit you to any box placed around you by this world, because I know what it is like to be different than the person people expect you to be. So come on in; sit a spell. Let's talk real, let's talk about life. I am not putting any masks on; I am putting my raw open soul out on the table. I don't have perfect grammar or punctuation. I rarely say the “right thing.” I tend to babble. Emotionally. What I want this blog to be is a sort of sanctuary. A place where I   can be genuine and unafraid, and a place where readers can be, too. So please, if we can keep hatred out of these digital walls? Let this be the place where wounds are healed, not inflicted. I will warn you that I am not the most eloquent of bloggers, nor am I the most cool. I am simply me. And I'd love to be your friend. If you've stuck with me this long, I have a feeling we're kindred spirits. Let's talk long.

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