Beauty in the Brokenness

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"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.Wonderful are your works;    my soul knows it very well." - Psalm 139:14 (ESV)
We all have one, us women especially. One, sometimes one hundred moments in the day when we doubt that word, 'wonderfully.' We hear 'fearfully,' all right, but 'wonderfully'? Perish the thought. We look in the mirror and we see it; that "flaw", that character trait, that sin, that habit, that quirk, and that bitterness with which we often see it all through. We hold onto our bit of worthlessness; keep it in our pockets and believe it in our hearts. Us women, we have battles. Sometimes they are never fully won. Maybe it is because God never wants us to stop fighting; to stop remembering?
Think about it.
Your insecurity, what if it was gone? Who really thinks "Be confident, like me!" helps more than "I know that pain"? Would you be able to hold that girl close with all your strength, grasping for grace as you realize she hurts just like you, and sob into her hair all those words? "I've been there; I'm there every day." "You aren't alone." A desperate cry of agony does not beg for a performance of I Have Confidence, it longs for someone to understand! Someone that doesn't take beauty for granted. To be this person, you need to remember, you need to know the pain and the truth in your heart.
What about the girl who just couldn't accept love? She's been broken, and she's seen so much hate, it's hard to feel love. She's known pain, and has silently screamed at the heavens, wondering if she's even worth hearing. What's so great about her battle? She knows. This girl has learned through her trials that He did die for her; she's written it on her hands. Who better to love the broken than the broken? Her battle has many stages, and countless hours of darkness, but, bit by bit, as she surrenders her heart to its Maker, she will conquer. When she finds True Love, she will settle for displaying nothing less. When you love like that; when you love like Him, people can't help but notice. We all long for that kind of love.
As time goes by, those wounds will heal. How much greater is love after utter forgiveness? How much brighter is the smile that fought through tears? Beauty will come from the ashes that seem to drown us, and God's love will prevail. He never fails.

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