Spring Song

This time of the year is one of my favorites. I love the feeling of a fresh start ... the damp ground, the hazy skies. Autumn is the season I love best, but there is something about spring that just embraces me like an old friend (despite the choke-hold of seasonal allergies). I slip on my running shoes & step out the door, feeling a kinship to the birds singing, the earth gently giving beneath my feet, the sky that almost un-magnificent shade of grey-white. I appreciate that color more than most, with my sensitive eyes. It's one of the few daytime skies I can openly gaze at unscathed. It reminds me of blank canvasses, & rainstorms that bring life to dirt.

I'm reminded of Someone who makes life out of dust.

How I am dust.

I am the dry ground in need of refreshing streams of water to pour down from heaven.

I need the lush green in my life to break forth.

I ponder on how the birds do not wait for a prettier day to break into song. Spring is here, & they must welcome it. They must.

I join them in the reckoning. Because how can I stay silent? The kingdom of God is shining forth in this world, & His glory is so beautiful. His grace, so overwhelming. I cannot keep from song.

"I sing because I'm happy,
I sing because I'm free,
His eye is on the sparrow,
& I know He watches me."

So bring the storm clouds & the rain. Bring the toil, bring the mud. Let the night come - I will not back down. I will not pretend that my worship is anything less than a warring protest against the power of darkness in this world. I will fight. I will sing.

Because I know Him.

& how else could I respond?

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