Wake, O Sleepers

Teachers and parents alike will often tell of the “light switch” or “light bulb” moment that they take great joy in.

Some say it's the moment when everything seems worth it.

When they can see the light switch get turned on in a child.

There's a look in a child's eyes when understanding dawns, and something isn't pointless anymore.

Words cease to be a string of letters. Abraham Lincoln is no longer just a solid name. A rule is not in place to inflict harm. The words of C.S. Lewis come alive. The variables x and y are no longer seen as letters that came in to screw math up.

I work with children, and I love that moment. No matter how small, I love that moment.

I love watching minds grow, and personalities take shape.

Even better is when that moment becomes a turning point. Not only do letters become words, but words become what dreams are made of. Behold, the next great author or orator.

I know God invented that look; that spark in us. I believe that wonder touches on some of the most core parts of our being.

I think He put it in us just to watch us come alive.

Imagine with me the pleasure God feels in seeing that spark awaken in us.

When we realize something about His nature.

When we decide to jump into something new and it makes us feel alive.

When we find a new way to show love to those around us.

When we step into more of our calling and we feel as though we've taken flight.

I think that's so much of what He desires for His children.

Over and over again in Scripture, He tells us of delight. The Psalmist tells us that when we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desire of our hearts (37:4).

I think it's because He put it there! And He also created us with this innate need for Him. When we are satisfied in Him; fully delighted with Who He is, we are the truest, fullest versions of ourselves.

And we walk delighted.

When our spirits come into alignment and we just want Him, He shows us who we truly are in Him.

We were not created for a bored, passive existence. We were created to wake up, and to come alive.

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