Fear of Heights

It makes necessarily divine sense.

That when this child, perpetually scared of heights, would feel, when she is doing what she is called to do ...

As though she is flying.

And perfectly safe.

I know no other love that casts out fear.

No other life that brings fresh life to dead places.

He's the hand on the back of the socially anxious, encouraging them to engage.

He's the quiet voice that shuts up the fiercest of nightmares.

He's walking on the water before us, inviting us to join Him. Inviting us to walk on top of the thing that made us fearful.

I see myself standing at the edge of a dock.

Whipped by the wind.

Tears streaming.

Laughing at the abandonment of it all.

Laughing because fears cease to make sense within Christ.

I hope you feel like you're flying today. I pray that the Spirit lifts you up.

You were not created for cowering. Hiding is something we do apart from Christ. It should never be something we feel we need to do in the Church.

I am still battling these fears - know that.

This is something we have to stay on guard against. Never let the devil make you believe that you're less because you have to battle something more than once. Let's break that lie right now. We live in a fallen world, where our flesh & the darkness are sending us messages very different than truth.

Do not become so disappointed when something you've fought before resurfaces, that you forget to fight it again.

I urge you to start your days with eyes wide open. Ask the Lord to reveal what you need to be on guard against in your heart & in your relationships. Commit those things to Him first thing. Ask Him to give you wisdom & discernment, so that you might live sober-minded - not distracted from the Truth.

I am praying for a renewed desire for holiness in the Church. This is something that is only birthed out of daily death to self. In other words, daily fighting again.

May we live, alive to Christ. Unafraid.

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