you do, in fact, belong

Dear you,

You at the edge of the social scene.

You in the corner near the punch.

You, counting the steps to the door, the minutes till home embraces your quaking heart like a warm blanket.

Dear you.

Let me pour you a cup of hot tea; give you something tangible to grip & receive as I speak these words over you.

You've been in hiding for so long, trying not to burden anyone.

If you're telling the truth, you've adopted the word "burden" like a name. Allow me to break that off of you right now.

That's not your name. That isn't your identity. And I promise you it's not what people think of when they think of you.

If someone has made you feel like that? If that is a wound you hold deep inside, & a fear always at the edge of your thoughts? Please, let me say this for us all - us blind, amateurs at love - let me say I am sorry. My heart hurts just knowing what you've gone through. Darling, I've been there.

I have felt the weighted gaze that seems to wonder what in the world I am doing there.

I have heard that voice from within that says, "What are you thinking? Who says you can even be here? Be a part of this?"

Thing is, I now know the answer to that.

I know who qualified me. {Colossians 1:12}

I know who chose me. {1 Peter 2:9}

I know who welcomed me in. {Matthew 19:21}

Let me breathe these words over your heart: you belong.

If you are in Christ, you just belong.

So much pressure falls away when we realize that, #1 - it's not on us to make sure we belong, #2 - nothing anyone else may say can disqualify us, #3 - wherever Jesus needs to be, we have a purpose & reason for being present (until the Lord bids us move).

If He calls you, He will equip you. {Romans 8:30, 2 Timothy 3:16-17}

Your past will not stop Him from choosing you. {e.g, Saul (who became Paul), Peter, Rahab}

Your stumbling will not cause Him to give up on you. {even after David sinned colossally, the Lord did not remove His friendship}

Your youth won't stop Him, your old age won't stop Him. {Jeremiah 1, Psalm 71}

The difference between your story & their story will not disqualify you. {Acts 10:45}

The Lord has made a place for you before time began, & He keeps choosing you, again & again. {Revelation 3:5}

Friend, there is so much freedom in this. Make your home here in these truths - you belong here.

So come on in.

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