Weighing options, I find myself again thinking about priorities. I need to think about them more often ... maybe then I would keep true to them. This space, for instance has been given little of my attention, though, by my priorities & convictions, it should be higher on the list. Thus, I am found here after the soul-searching, & not beforehand.
My dilemma is that it takes much longer to write a post than to read one. My life grows busier daily, becoming full of new opportunities & commitments. No matter how important something is to me, I cannot always find the time to invest in it, simply because of being otherwise invested.
And so I weigh the importance of things.
Little ones make it high on the list; I love them so dearly ... I often choose them over most other concerns and activities.
My friends. So precious to me. Mamas, sisters, teachers, listeners, talkers ... One glance, text, call, email, etc. from any of these will often take front burner.
Family ties are strong.
Health is something one must consider occasionally.
Feelings are put ahead of their place. I value them too highly ... I'm trying to reshape my actions.
Work must be in its proper priority, for I am committed; responsible. I cannot take it to lightly.
And yet.

There is a priority that must trump all others.

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple." {Luke 14:26}

I have learned that this verse is not meant to support cruel children, spouses, or parents ... It simply means that there is a tie that binds far tighter. When we are to choose between following a friend & following the Lord, we must always choose Him. The decision should be that simple. Our love for Him so strong, that any other love might e'en be compared to hatred ... sure, He was using hyperbole, but there are instances, yes, where we must utterly reject the other thing in order to follow Him.

And He's worth it.

He's always worth it.

Worth anything.

Worth the highest price you could ever pay, & trust me when I say, you might be asked to pay it.

But it doesn't matter, because the scales are tipped.

On one side, you have the human lifespan, the place you call home, your health, the people & things you hold dear ... a number of things whose value you consider high ... quite a weight. But in perspective, you see the other side. You realize that no matter what this world offers you; no matter what dreams you have, the value is always outweighed. Because on the other side of the scale is the Infinite One. Eternity. Our inheritance in Christ. The lives He plans for us to touch. The perfect will He has for our lives.

On a scale so tipped, nothing can compare to the side we claim through Christ. If we lose every last thing from this side of eternity, we are undaunted, for we know what lies on the other side ... & we declare that the cost is high, but He is worth it.

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