The "Why"

Because I live and breathe to give Him glory, and this serves as a rooftop from which I can shout my praise.

Because if you have words in your soul and on your paper … and you don’t share them, who do they help besides you?

Because I have too many thoughts too keep in my brain.

Because I have been given an unexplainable love for mamas, and women in general, and I long to encourage their hearts.

Because this is my passion. No matter how scary it is, or how inadequate I feel, this is a part of what I am meant to do. I know that.

Because sometimes, when a baby bird leaps off its cozy branch, it learns to fly. Watch. Me. Leap. I have a God that catches me when I fall.

Because I want to have my words combined with His love spread across computer screens. It’s crazy. Terrifying. And I want it so badly nonetheless.

Because I’ve tried silence. It didn’t work for me. Words carry weight, and I want to use mine for good.

Because I want this to be what somebody’s first impression of me is, because of all the things that make me who I am, crazy grace and love from my Creator, and the words He gave me, are the most significant.

Because I like the idea of making friends in new and impossibly possible places. If this blog connects me to just one more kindred spirit, I daresay it is worth it.

Because I talk a lot, and frankly, it’s vastly easier to understand when it’s on paper. In real life, I’m a babbler. Fun fact.

Because blogs make me happy.

Because I have never dreamed of something so perfectly plausible, that scared me this much.


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